The Shop and Project Process

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Odin Forge

I am committed to serving you with quality and value.  Call or email me and we can discuss your project and decide whether I am your best solution. I have MANY resources and your success is more important to me than your money. Believe it.  

Philip Simmons (a Charleston Blacksmith) approved of my efforts and James (Paw-Paw) Wilson said, "You have every right to call yourself a master."  Humility makes those words difficult but respect for those Masters makes them mandatory.

I am Brian Rognholt, Master Blacksmith at Odin Forge here with my lovely bride Jackie!  


To achieve balance as a human being, one must polish all the facets that entail who you are. While I am a scientist and MBA by trade, the creative part of my soul was truly tapped after resurrecting my great-grandfather's forge.

All of your project work rises from this familial fire. You will be proud of your project and it will last generations.  

Odin Forge has onsite the ability to perform all forms of common weldments, gas or plasma cutting, some low production run lathe work, 25T punch press, lost wax bronze casting, pot-metal repair, and limited kiln tempering.  

You will be kept up to speed with pictures and video of your project if you desire! Many clients have enjoyed watching their vision come to life-- rising from the fire, just as countless treasures of antiquity have before.

  So too will your mind's eye see reality.




Odin Forge has been producing fine quality architectural details, furniture, movie props, lost wax bronze, and museum quality reproductions for over 25 years.  

Our mission is to ensure the success of your project-- on time, on budget, with superior quality. 

Everything is 100% guaranteed to meet your satisfaction or I will buy it back. 

The FORGE and the Man on the Anvil